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sb450 sb300c-218s3lasa11 sb300 rs600me/216mep6bla12fg rs482 rs480m rs480 rc415s a11 rh rage 128 pro radeon ve 215r6lafa1 q54121-3s2 pmw001a-e1 pl-2315 p89c51rdin p0213kr mw010bk mw010b mw005a mega16l mega164p-15az m7-csp16 lh1529ab1 lh1465ab k6x8008c2b-tb70 jw075c1 jw030f1 jw030d jw030b ixp200(218s2rbna42) int6400a1g fe200b9 fe200a9 Vintage Gibson Circa 1971 SB Electric Bass Guitar Project The bass features an original Gibson EB-0 pickup as well as what appears to be a Dan Armstrong type pickup, though I don't believe it is a real Dan Armstrong pickup. The EB-0 pickup is working well, it doesn't seem that the Dan Armstrong pickup is working.

Vinyl Record Cleaning System Pads Cleaner Spin Clean

Premium Record Cleaning Brushes. - The Retro Studebaker SB450 washes 33, 45, and 78 records. Enough materials to clean up to 500 records! Compact size to allow for easy storage. Included Kit - Washer Basin, 4oz. Record Cleaning Solution, One Pair of Brushes, One Pair of Rollers, Two Washable Drying Cloths included