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Thus, Tarasov et al. demonstrated [5] that a Mg-72 mass%-Ni-20 mass%-Mm(La) alloy, which was prepared by induction melting, reversibly absorbed up to 5.5 mass% of hydrogen, and the system MgMmNi-H 2 demonstrated a much faster H/D kinetics when compared to the non-modified Mg-H 2 Development of a Process for Manufacturing a A full technique of production of a 29N26KKhBTYu-VI precision alloy is developed and implemented. A 500-kg ingot has been melted in Russia for the first time. This ingot is used to form an experimental batch of forged billets 90 mm in diameter and to fabricate hot-rolled metal billets 20 and 30 mm in diameter. The temperature-time deformation conditions, including data on the ductility of the

Effect of surface hardening by high frequency induction

Mar 28, 2006 · Surface hardening of carbon steel by high frequency induction heating (HFIH) produces a considerable increase in its resistance to stress corrosion [1, 2].The magnitude of this increase depends on the depth of surface hardening, on the strength of the specimen core, and on other factors whose influence was studied in this investigation. Failure Analysis of Micro Cracks and Alumina Inclusions Jul 08, 2015 · A tensile test must be conducted for each finished insulator in which a common but significant problem is a low stress mode of fracture. In order to investigate the cause of the low stress fracture in a batch of insulators, a series of failure analysis methods were carried out. As described in this paper, macro-fracture analysis, SEM observation, EDS examination, metallographic structure INDUCTION HARDENING OF TOOL STEEL FOR HEAVILY -treated with induction method and subjected to metallographic preparation, after which complex microstructure investigation wa s performed. The results obtained within the research will be a basis for numerical modelling of the process of induction hardeni ng with potential to be introduced for the aviation industrial components.


investigation of fractured pin produced of 42crmo44 q&t steel; metallographic analyze of parts for breaking system made of nodular cast iron en-gjs-500-7; failure analysis of ruptured pipe in boiler of thermo power plant; metallographic investigation of induction hardened part two-side lever METALLOGRAPHIC ANALYZE OF PARTS FOR BREAKING Feb 10, 2016 · In this research work, metallographic investigation of two parts which are implemented to railway wagons breaking system was performed. Both parts are produced from EN-GJS-500-7 nodular iron. One of delivered parts leading nut (part 1) was broken during the exploitation and the second part working nut (part 2) was new. Metallographic Technique for Lithium and its Alloys with @article{osti_12462516, title = {Metallographic Technique for Lithium and its Alloys with Aluminum and Magnesium}, author = {Murphy, J. B. and Vescovi, S.}, abstractNote = {Studies on the properties of lithium and its alloys have indicated the need to develop suitable metallographic techniques for proper interpretation of their microstructures.

Optimization of the Induction Process on Light Gauge Steel

The metallographic analysis was done after standard preparation of the samples by metallurgical microscope system, OLYMPUS GX51see Figure 9 (the metallographic structures before and after induction, respectively, on the same side as and the opposite side to the induction coil). Research of thermal performance by metallographic Mar 01, 2019 · Research of thermal performance by metallographic investigation of stator winding solder region in hydroelectric power plants i.e., iron soldering, torch soldering, oven soldering, dip soldering, wave soldering, induction soldering, and we understand that the metallographic structure shows a homogeneous distribution, 59.1% of the main SLi.L REPORT FROM THE TUBE LABORATORY Staff Dr 0 S Construction of small x-ray diffraction apparatus for metallographic analysis Investigation of intermediate melting-point solders and brazing alloys Expansion of facilities for induction brazing, with and without hydrogen atmosphere, and in vacuo. Resum of Recent Work in Chemical Section (1) Qaeium A quartz resonant cavity is

Metallographic investigation of Nd:YAG laser processed

Metallographic investigation of Nd:YAG laser processed ductile iron The ductile iron and ADI used throughout this work was melted in 100 kg MF induction furnace to reach the nominal chemical composition of 3.6%C, 2%Si, 0.3%Mn, 0.01%S. 10th International Symposium on the Science and Processing of Cast Iron SPCI10