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British Sections. PFC Parallel flange channels depths 100 to 430. CH Tapered flange channel depths 100 to 430. American Sections. UE Tapered flange channel depths 75 to 380. MC American channel depths 150 to 460. L Equal leg angles depths 19 to 203. Australian / New Zealand Standard Sections. PFC Parallel flange channels, EA Equal angles and UA Unequal angles are supplied on a project BS EN 10365:2017 - Hot rolled steel channels, I and H Channels:Parallel flange channels UPE and PFC; Taper flange channels UPN, U and CH. These requirements do not apply to hot rolled steel channels, I and H sections from stainless steel. Standard Number:BS EN 10365:2017:Title:Hot rolled steel channels, I and H sections. Dimensions and masses

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UPN steel channel or UNP steel channel is one of the European standard structurals steel channel section which with tapered flange, UPN channel was known as steel U channel,U channel steel, UPN steel section, U profile and taper flange channel which was manufactured by European quality standard EN 10025 and European standard size tolerance EN Celsa Steel UK - reinforcement and steel long products We manufacture our channels with various qualities; the most usual being S-275-JR and S-355-J0. All channels comply with BS EN 10025-2004 and are CE marked accordingly. Tapered flange and UPN channels are sold on theoretical weights. Parallel flange channels are sold on theoretical weights. All our Flat Bars are certified to the BES 6001 responsible sourcing standard. Channels (taper flange, parallel flange)Parallel flange channels:PC100x50:34.1:17.3:2.05:41.1:40.0:24.2:0.490:PC180x70:43.5:21.5:13.5:150:71.0:82.3:6.52:PC200x75:45.7:22.5:19.1:191:78.6:104:10.6:PC230x90:60.0:29.2:35.2:306:92.7:193:27.9:PC260x90:56.6:27.4:47.3:364:103:206:38.0:PC300x100:63.1:30.6:81.7:545:119:358:81.0 :About y-y :Taper flange channels:C76x38 :0.107:4.09:11.2:12.0:

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Jan 14, 2019 · Part one defines the family of the so-called UNP channels, or UPN channels in steel. These channels have conical internal flanges. There are 27 sizes in a range from size 20 to 400 millimetres height. The norm that defines the product tolerances is the EN 10279. Tapered Flange Channel Parallel Flange South Africa Leading Steel Supplier of tapered flange channel, parallel flange, tapered flange. BSi Steel is a parallel tapered channel supplier in South Africa. +27 11 861 7600 UNISTEEL INTERNATIONAL Long Carbon Steel ChannelsUPN - taper flange channels (Size 50 to 400 mm) U - taper flange channels (Size 40 to 65 mm) UE - taper flange channels (Size 80 to 200 mm) BRITISH BEAMS. PFC - Parallel flange channels (Size 100 to 380 mm) CH - taper flange channels (Size 76 to 381 mm) AMERICAN BEAMS. C - standard channels (Size 75 to 380 mm)

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24 rows · Oct 11, 2017 · Equal flange tees, Tee sections specification, UPN (UNP) European UPN cutting Best prices Fast delivery timeUPN metal U-Channels are designed with tapered flanges, average height from 80 to 400mm. Steel grades S235, S355, according to European standards EN10025. Our company offers metal UPN U-Channels made of black steel that meet all European standards and GOST() requirements.European Standard Steel UPN Channel Suppliers, China 20 rows · UPN steel channel or UNP steel channel is one of the European standard structurals steel