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K = Resistance Coefficient. k = Absolute Roughness (mm). k d = Relative Roughness L = Length of pipe (m). L/D = Equivalent Length of a Resistance to Flow in Pipe Diameters. Pa = Atmospheric Pressure (kPa). Ps = Absolute Pressure (kPa). Pv = Vapour Pressure (kPa). Q = Flow Rate (L/s). Re = Reynolds Number. r = radius of elbow (mm) T = Temperature (°K) GUIDE FOR SELECTING MANNING'S ROUGHNESS Guide for Selecting Manning's Roughness Coefficients for Natural Channels and Flood Plains United States Geological Survey Water-supply Paper 2339 Metric Version Welcome to Manning's Roughness Coefficients for Natural Channels and Flood Plains Table of Contents U.S. - SI Conversions

Hazen-Williams Coefficient

Jan 06, 2019 · Hazen Williams Coefficient; Aluminum:130 - 150:Asbestos Cement:120 - 150:Asphalt-lined iron or steel:140:Brass:130:Cast Iron, cement lined:140:Cast Iron, coated:110 - 140:Cast Iron, new unlined:130:Cast Iron, old unlined:40 - 120:Cast Iron, uncoated:100 - 140:Cast Iron, 10 years old:107 - 113:Cast Iron, 20 years old:89 - 100:Cast Iron, 30 years old:75 - 90 Hazen-Williams Equation Module 3c:Flow in PipesC = factor for relative roughness R = hydraulic radius S = slope of the energy line (head loss divided by pipe length) Table 2-2. Hazen-Williams Equation Plastic 150 Asbestos cement 140 New welded steel 120 Assume that the Hazen-Williams coefficient for the pipe equals 130. Given:L = 1000 m D = 0.5 m Q = 0.25 m3/sec Hazen-Williams equation - WeBBusterZ EngineeringFeb 27, 2017 · C = Hazen-Williams C factor or roughness coefficient, dimensionless. Equation 2 (US Units) Where; H = friction loss, ft of water per 1000 ft of pipe Q = flow rate, gal/min D = inside diameter of pipe, in C = Hazen-Williams C coefficient, dimensionless. Equation 3 (US Units) Where; P mi = friction loss, psi per mile of pipe Q = flow rate, gal/min

Minor Loss, Hazen-Williams, and Surface Roughness

Quick links to tables on this page:Minor Loss Coefficients Hazen-Williams Coefficients Surface Roughness Values compiled from the references listed under Pipe # IA galvanized iron pipe with a roughness height of 0.000005 m with a diameter of 0.05 m and a length of 100 m carries a discharge of 0.003 m3 /s its x-section is 0.001963 m2 and water flows with a velocity of 1.528 m/s Flow Reynolds number is 76394 and the relative roughness is 0.0001 using S-J formula the friction factor is obtained as 0.01941 Pipe Friction Loss Calculations - Pipe Flow SoftwareHowever the Hazen-Williams results rely upon the value of the friction factor, C hw, which is used in the formula, and the C value can vary significantly, from around 80 up to 130 and higher, depending on the pipe material, pipe size and the fluid velocity.

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Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) 140:Ductile Iron, cement lined:120:Fiber:140:Fiber Glass Pipe -